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I am an experienced visual arts educator and teaching artist. In the United States, Japan, Vietnam and India, I have instructed at all levels, and with a broad range of media and practices both traditional and contemporary. Currently, I teach high school visual art at the American Embassy School of New Delhi. The courses I am instructing at AES include: IB Visual Arts, Printmaking, Art Foundation, Ceramics, and New Media Art.

As in my life, my approach to arts education is rooted in taking risks, solving problems creatively, and developing new ways for students to experience the beauty and complexity that art has to offer. Inquiry is at the core of my teaching philosophy and classroom approach. At its productive best, art education gives my students experience in the creative process, which can be applied to all aspects of life and learning. The greater purpose of art education is to allow students to find in themselves what is already there – a spirit which is not afraid of the unknown, and which finds joy in discovery. The future is complicated. Creativity is a powerful tool.

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A life in the arts…

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